Construction Services

Over the years we at Alu Construction Ltd have provided many services for our clients and professional bodys as part our links pages.

Domestic Services
When we started up our building company in 1990 we completed a lot of projects on the demostic front ranging from small single storey extensions to large extensions on existing homes, this was quiet rewarding work, with the finish project result and the good working relationship build up with client and architect during the projects.

Residential Services
Alu Construction Ltd, worked on many residential projects. From once of home builds within the side gardens of the clients home, to large home builds on there own individual sites and small development projects from 3 to 12 houses and apartments.

Insurance Services
Alu Construction Ltd has worked closely with it clients who had the misfortune of suffering structural or internal damage to there homes due to burst water pipes, storm damage, flood damage and fire damage, we have the ability to provide a complete turn key service, from dealing with your insurance company to the picking of the paint colours for your walls and taking the stress out of the hole situation.

Energy Rating Services
Alu Construction Ltd is a registered SEI Contractor. We have worked closely with architects and planners over the years in relation to energy saving materials been introduced on all our new build projects and with recommendation made to our clients in the choice of insulated materials, which have been a benifit to our clients. We would provide a complete services from attic insulation to cavity wall insulation to internal & external insulated panels to central heating upgrading to heat recovery units to solour panels and to replacement of windows & doors. [Avril if we could add a picture to this page like the one on page 806 of 2008/09 golden pages]

Disabled Persons Services
Alu Construction Ltd has worked with Dublin City Council & Fingal County Council as well as private clients, building and renovating, extensions and houses and homes for persons with disability. Alu Construction Ltd is fully tax compliant and has all insurance's which is very important if a person is applying for a grant from any one of the Council's. We can advise you on what needs to be done when appling for grant funding.

If you would like to know more about any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us